A long drive…

As some of you may have seen, we spent last week camping in Yellowstone National Park.  I want to start by telling you that if you’ve ever had any desire whatsoever to visit Yellowstone, DO IT!!!  It is worth every single penny, moment and hour of planning.  We made memories that I pray will last a lifetime.  I hope, as a mama, my babies learned some things-learned about hard work and team work and being a part of a family who takes responsibility for themselves and because we take care of ourselves we are able to offer help to the rest of our family.  I pray they learned that RESTING and soaking in all God’s goodness is just as important as working to deepen their relationship with their Father.

My favorite part of the whole week was the long drive, both to and from Yellowstone.  It was a 13 hour drive that we split both ways….that’s still a LOT of hours on the road with three tiny humans.  One of which is still in the throws of potty training.  Oh, the joy, though y’all.  The girls laughed and played and used their imaginations.  They watched out their windows as our scenery changed as we crossed through the deserts of Utah, to the farmlands of Idaho and eventually into the beautiful mountains of Montana.  Sissy read her third book in the Little House series and Mouse drew pictures of everything she was seeing and told us all about how grizzly bears chase salmon and trout in rivers that look a lot like the Snake River.  J and I had long conversations reflecting on how far we’ve come in the past ten months.

This time last year, I was still fighting and pushing against everything God had planned for us here.  I was still in complete denial this was even happening, despite the fact that J had already turned in his notice to close his practice, we’d told family and friends, we’d begun the process of creating and obtaining our 501c3 status and I was still hopeful that things wouldn’t work out. Ha.

To think of the things, the people, and the beautiful adventures we’d have missed out on because of my own human-ness.  I agreed to come here because I didn’t want to answer for being a stumbling block in my husband’s walk with the Father, not because I wanted to obedient.  Nope, not one part of me wanted to be obedient.  Alas, here we are and are having such good memory making moments as a family.

The biggest “aha” moment for me this weekend was what a mindset shift we’ve had as a family.  When we lived on the island, we NEVER would’ve driven thirteen hours one way for ANYTHING or ANYONE, really.  It was too much…too much hassle, too long in the car, too much planning and we didn’t have time for all those things.  Because we didn’t make time.  Time was controlling us-our lives.  The world was telling us what was important-what our children needed to see and do-what our family should enjoy and look forward too…and now…

Now, we see each day as a gift.  We see the desert as a beautiful creation of the Father who in His awesomeness, in His goodness, gave us the opportunity to make incredible memories with our littles.  He has given us the opportunity to love and be loved by some of the most peaceful, gentle people I’ve ever known.  Now, we’re able to look at 13 hour drive and see that its all in how you approach the time in the car.  When you’re along for the ride, when you’ve got no one’s timeline but your own-FREEDOM.

I loved that we didn’t have to bounce ideas off anyone else.  I loved that we could just decide when and how we wanted to see Yellowstone.  I loved that each night, as we laid down in our tent, snuggled in our sleeping bags, bundled in layers of clothes (lows in the 30’s, y’all)-I sang a hymn and J prayed.  I loved waking up to the sounds of the forest.  I loved the crispness in the air and the way my little ones would look at me with stars in their eyes expectant of what the day’s adventure would look like.  Mostly, I loved that we were just there, together.

I’m so thankful for a renewed sense of adventure.  I’m grateful for this move.  I’m grateful that God doesn’t give up on me when I tantrum like a two year old.  I’m eternally thankful that He sees and knows every single detail of my life…

I’m thankful for a long drive…



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